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This reel includes clips from:

Pearson Educational Films 

The Advenutres of Bugsy McKay and Ralphy Jane 

Animate LA Showcase bumper 

You're Mine music video

The Plastic Pest

All animation, artwork, and photography by Jessica

Music by Ben Hokanson

2013 REEL

This reel includes clips from: 

La Mer (After Effects)

The Plastic Pest (stop motion with puppets created out of plastic bags)

Painted (stop motion, painted cels, photo cutouts, paint on glass)

Fatty and the Sandman (stop motion with rubberbands)

The Adventures of Bugsy McKay and Ralphy Jane (After Effects)

Wake Up Alice (stop motion with rubber bands)

The Farmer (After Effects and stop motion)

Foup (stop motion with mixed media)

Bunny Hop (rotoscoped in Flash)

All animation, photography, and artwork made by Jessica, with the exception of the public domain images in La Mer.

Music by Ben Hokanson

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